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Deeper Shade of Blue at Dumplin Valley

Deeper Shade of Blue

Hold onto your hats, bluegrass friends, 'cause Dumplin Valley's about to get hit with a hurricane of harmony from Deeper Shade of Blue at the 2024 DVBF! These aren't your average pickin' and grinnin' boys – they're seasoned veterans, over two decades deep in the bluegrass trenches, with roots founded in the fertile soil of the North Carolina hills. Each musician is a master of their craft. These guys create a sound that comes from a love of bluegrass, a deep and professional approach to music, and you know they listened to the country station growing up.

Let's meet the crew:

  • Troy Pope, his voice a mountain-forged instrument that sends shivers down spines and when it flows out the barn people come running from the campers. Raised on gospel harmony, he pours his heart into every note, paintin' landscapes of emotions with his resonating vocals.

  • Milom Williams II may be a relatively new member of the group, but is a neighbor and longtime friend to the group. From legendary acts like Cuttin' Edge to Nu-Blu, he's shared the stage with giants bringing both stringed skill and baritone notes, tellin' stories of forgotten trails and lost love.

  • Frank Poindexter, the Cool Cat of Hot Bluegrass brings 40 years of experience to the stage. He coaxes cries and sighs from that dobro resonator, his sound is smooth as honey and cool as a mountain stream. He's traded licks with greats like Vassar Clements and Larry Rice, and his dobro sings with the wisdom of the ages. Nominee for bassfiddle bluegrass performer of the year at the 47th Annual SPBGMA

  • Chad Day, the banjo blaster. Born with bluegrass in his bones, he picked up the banjo at 14 and hasn't looked back. Chad joined the band in 2023 replacing Steve Wilson. Looking forward to hearing what he brings to this incredible group.

Together, they're a force of nature, a bluegrass force waiting to shake the Dumplin Valley limestone. They've been called a "best kept secret", but at Dumplin Valley, we know these guys are fantastic and are always a festival standout.

Deeper Shade of Blue's latest album, "Twenty", shines like the moon rising behind the silos, a potent blend of classic bluegrass charm and their own smooth harmony of North Carolina distinction. This isn't just a greatest hits, though familiar faves like "Broken Lady" and "Making Plans" get fresh coats of paint. The real gems are the originals, songs woven with honesty and heart. Troy Pope's "Blue Was Just A Color" paints a bittersweet landscape of lost love, while Frank Poindexter's "Whether Or Not" wrestles with relationship uncertainty. It's a powerful journey, from Larry Rice's bluegrass hymns like "Four Wheel Drive" to the raw vulnerability of Steve Wilson's "Power In A Moment." Each track feels seasoned, a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, like a mountain stream carving its own path through ancient rock. So strap on your pickin' boots and grab a cold glass of sweet tea, "Twenty" is an album you'll savor like a slow sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains.

It's more than music, folks. It's a baptism in the sweet waters of bluegrass. It's dancin' with strangers who feel like family under the starry sky. It's laughter ringin' through the valley, like echoes in the night. It's memories that'll stick to your soul.

So, mark your calendars and pack your camping chairs, and your thirst for the real deal. Head on down to Dumplin Valley this September and let Deeper Shade of Blue paint your soul with the vibrant colors of bluegrass. You won't just hear the music – you'll feel it, deep down in your bones. Trust me, you won't regret it. See you there!

Join the Dumplin Valley Bluegrass Community: Deeper shade of blue

We feel honored to have Troy and the crew back in 2024. Get to know them, buy there music (it's why they work so hard), and come join us in Kodak. Here's what you can do:

1. Follow Deeper Shade of Blue on social media: Stay up-to-date with the photos, songwriting, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of her musical journey.

2. Join the Dumplin Valley Bluegrass Facebook Page: Be a part of our vibrant online community where fellow bluegrass enthusiasts share their love for the genre. Get updates on the festival, interact with fellow fans, and stay in the loop.

3. Reserve Your Campsite for 2024: There's no better way to immerse yourself in the bluegrass experience than by camping at Dumplin Valley. Wake up to the sounds of nature and spend your days surrounded by the music you love.

4. Grab Your Weekend Passes: Don't miss out on a weekend filled with world-class bluegrass performances, camaraderie, and memories that will last a lifetime. Secure your tickets now!

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