May 14, 2021 @ 7pm
2 Shows
John Cowan 
Darin & Brooke Aldridge
Limited to
200 tickets


What are the Dumplin Valley Sessions?
It is a new venture we felt we needed to embark on this summer to help support our bluegrass community recover from the drought they are experiencing. Proceeds from the sessions will go to the artists.
Tickets will be limited so we can exercise social distance in our venue. Tickets are non-refundable.

Staying safe with arranged seating

  • We will be seating attendees in pods.

  • Masks will be required when moving around inside the barn.

  • You will be able to remove it while seated in your own little group/pod.

  • NO mask = NO admittance inside the barn.

  • Once inside the barn, you can remove your mask while seated inside your pod but you must wear it

  •  if you are walking around inside the barn.

  • Anyone not wearing a mask will have to sit on the lawn at a safe distance from other attendees (family members excluded).   


Seating will be provided.  Do NOT bring your festival chairs for this event.  We will be able to control the proper distancing measures if everyone has the same type of chair. 

It's been a long dry spell for fans and entertainers alike.  Let's do it right and get back to a world where we can enjoy live music without having to worry about catching covid.             


Parking is free.  Forks On The Road food truck will be available for supper. 

Thanks for your support.
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