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The July 18 Session has been postponed due to an increase in the presence of covid-19 in our area. The new date will be announced later. Thank you.
What are the Dumplin Vally Sessions?
It is a new venture we felt we needed to embark on this summer to help support our bluegrass community recover from the drought they are experiencing. Proceeds from the sessions will go to the artists.
Tickets will be limited so we can exercise social distance in our venue.
Why now?
It occurred to us that maybe we could help some of our bluegrass musicians recoup some of the income they have lost due to canceled shows because of old corona. We gave it a lot of thought and decided to reach out to our friends, LRB. They have always been there for members of the bluegrass community and now we want to throw some support their way during the strange times we find ourselves in.

Proceeds from the ticket sales will go to LRB. We know that this gesture is merely a drop in the bucket compared to the income opportunities they’ve lost due to COVID-19. But we hope it helps and we hope getting back on the stage will be just what the doctor ordered at this time.
Bluegrass fans far and wide are ready for the drought to end and if this event is successful, we hope to see you at the next Session.

Thanks for your support.
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